On the way: Bruce Brown’s Endless Summer Japanese B2 movie poster (!)

Endless Summer Japanese B2 movie poster

Endless Summer Japanese B2 movie poster

I am happy to report that I have a very welcome addition coming in: a Japanese B2 for Endless Summer, and it looks to be in fantastic condition.

It took me 5 years +/- to find this one after passing on one with a big tear on eBay about 5 years ago. Looks like with some patience that was the right decision. I have seen a grand total of three of these ever.

Here’s a bad picture, I’ll post another once it arrives.

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This just in today: Blue Crush special Japanese B1 size movie poster

Probably only (Japanese) movie poster geeks will understand, but this poster is just unbelievable. 1) Different art from anything I’ve seen 2) B1 size 3) Definitely theatrical, as it has the Eirin mark 4) The oval and rectangles at the bottom right not only look like “surf brand” stickers, THEY ARE STICKERS, presumably meant to be taken off the poster and taken home?? Crazy.

Not for sale at this point, sorry.

The source for Japanese movie posters: Posterdemic