Japanese movie posters: Little Miss Sunshine (B1 size)

There are at least two variants for Little Miss Sunshine, at least in the larger B1 size. They are fairly similar except that this one features portraits of the cast.

This is a hard poster to find even though the movie recently came out. I’m trying to pick these new releases up as soon as I can.

Japanese movie posters from posterdemic


Japanese movie posters: La Chinoise (B1 size R80s)

This isn’t a new addition to my collection, but it is such a cool piece regardless. It’s an 80’s re-release for La Chinoise and is pretty scarce. I have seen only three, one of which had a huge tear in it. For a poster from the 80’s that is just not too many sightings over a period of eight years. And I am always actively searching for these.

Some have commented that the poster is boring because of the large red field. I think it’s brilliant. One of my favorites.

Vintage original Japanese movie posters from posterdemic

Dark Knight (Heath Ledger as Joker) Advance screening B1 Japanese movie poster

I’m not a rabid Batfan and I am apparently in the minority in saying that I think the first Nolan film is the better of the two. End of disclaimer. This poster is really interesting — first off, this is the first time that I’ve seen this setup where the top and bottom of a single poster are meant for two different openings. One part (you can’t really say top or bottom since the poster is largely symmetrical, with credits on both sides) is for a limited advance screening on August 2/3, while the other part is for the wide release of August 9. The poster was meant to be folded or cut at the middle for each respective release — how do we know this? The poster was lightly mechanically scored on the back to facilitate this action.

But what I really like is the unusual paper. It is thick and very very shiny. Glossy, almost to the level of new car paint. You can see some reflections in the right side of the picture. Cool poster.

Original posters from Japan by posterdemic.com

Original Japanese movie posters coming soon…

Here’s the latest inventory update that are shipping to me shortly from Japan. Note that unless stated otherwise these are B2 (20″ x 29″) size. Deleted items like this mean they are already sold:

Kill Bill 2 Death List B1 size Japanese movie poster

This poster is right up there with the rarest of Kill Bill posters. From KB 2, this is the Death List obviously, and I only know of two other copies. Printed on matte paper and in the B1 size (~29″ x 40″).

Available from posterdemic.com for $1,750 shipped.

Kill Bill Vol. 2 Death List B1 size Japanese movie poster

Just in Vol. 2: Kill Bill 2 Pink Elle B1 size Japanese movie poster

I promised I would upload the second Pink B1 from the set. Now only two more to go before the set is COMPLETE. It might be a few years…

Movie posters from Japan – your source is posterdemic.com

Kill Bill 2 Pink Bride Japanese B1 size movie poster

Back from vacation and my family emergency… I thought I’d start back with an earthshattering post.

After looking for this poster for literally years, I finally got it. Anyone who knows Kill Bill will appreciate how difficult it is to find one of these… i.e., nearly impossible. This was the only one available and I don’t expect to find another for a long long time, if ever.

I also have the Darryl Hannah version from the same set of four and will post that one later.

More to come, I have many other nice pieces that came in over the last few weeks.

Posterdemic — Japanese movie posters