Original Japanese movie posters coming soon…

Here’s the latest inventory update that are shipping to me shortly from Japan. Note that unless stated otherwise these are B2 (20″ x 29″) size. Deleted items like this mean they are already sold:

  • Akira (character version)
  • Akira (motorcycle version
  • Memories
  • Burn After Reading B1Burn After Reading B1 (got another one)
  • Burn After Reading
  • Army of Darkness (Captain Supermarket)
  • Solaris
  • Ponyo on the Cliff B1
  • Sukeban Guerilla 2 panel
  • Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen B1 advance
  • Slumdog Millionaire B1
  • In the Mood for Love ORIGINAL HONG KONG ONE SHEET (non Japanese obviously)
  • The Usual Suspects
  • L’Ecole / Innocence
  • Apocalypse Now B1
  • Ichi the Killer RARE Style C
  • Le Mans 2 panel (!)
  • Persona 2 panel (!)
  • Umbrellas of Cherbourg 2 panel
  • The Trip 2 panel
  • Belle de Jour 2 panel
  • Devil Wears Prada (2 styles)
  • Shane 2 panel
  • Big Wednesday
  • Dark Knight advance screening B1
  • Deep Throat B3 (press sheet – printed on both sides
  • Andy Warhol’s Bad
  • Morning Glory R80’s
  • Bringing Up Baby R80’s
  • To Catch a Thief R65 (may go into my private collection)
  • Memento (2 styles)
  • Silence of the Lambs
  • Kiki’s Delivery Service
  • Spirited Away (alternate art)
  • Pulp Fiction
  • Moonraker
  • Return of the Jedi (2 styles)
  • That’s all for now. Expect these to roll in via various shipments over the next 1-4 weeks.

    Original Japanese movie posters for sale from Posterdemic.com


Arrived: Breakfast at Tiffany’s 2 panel Japanese movie poster

A beautiful addition that is one of the best images of Audrey Hepburn ever: a two panel Japanese movie poster for the 1969 re-release of Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

Beautifully mounted on linen by Vintage Movie Art in Vancouver B.C.

Japanese movie posters live at posterdemic.com

Just in: Les Plus Belles Escroqueries du Monde 2 panel Japanese movie poster featuring Mie Hama aka “Kissy Suzuki”

This is the only one of these I’ve ever seen. Actually, I can’t say I’ve seen too many posters AT ALL from any country from this movie. I’d be happy if someone would write to me and tell me if it’s any good — it IS a Jean-Luc Godard film right? And it features Catherine Deneuve, among others…

Notably Mie Hama, provocatively and prominently featured on this 2 panel poster from 1964. Now, for those that do not know how big Japanese two panels are, they are two B2 size (~20″ x 29″) posters stacked one on top of the other. So in total this poster stands almost five feet tall.

Mie Hama is a famous actress in Japan and was the first Asian woman to appear in Playboy! But most who know her here know her as “Kissy Suzuki“, Sean Connery‘s “bride” in You Only Live Twice. She starred in 70 movies before that role though! Here’s a link to a great interview with Mie Hama.

A very rare poster and an interesting crossroads of some important film people.


Japanese movie posters from Posterdemic.com

Just in: Brigitte Bardot – La Bride Sur Le Cou original Japanese 2 panel movie poster

Featuring what I would say is one of the most beautiful/sexy portraits of Brigitte Bardot on a poster, this is the scarce 2 panel for La Bride Sur Le Cou aka Only For Love aka Please, Not Now! If this didn’t get you into the theater in 1961, I don’t know what would.

More on this title later.

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Zero Woman: Red Handcuffs 2 panel (tatekan) Japanese movie poster

Very rare Japanese 2 panel movie poster for Miki Sugimoto’s Zero Woman: Red Handcuffs (Zeroka no onna: Akai wappa) — actually the only one of these I have ever seen. I have only seen the B2 for this perhaps twice.

I’ve had this tatekan for a while but it has been tucked away. I’m thinking about putting it on linen, but haven’t decided yet. I’m accepting offers on this; for the ultimate Pink Violence collector.

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