Valuable information for collectors

No additional pictures today, just an update on some additional content I have planned. I realize there is a need for more information about certain subjects, so in addition to updates on new posters I will be publishing the following:

  • Authentication: Lost in Translation B2 Japanese movie poster vs. A FAKE
  • Guide to packing and shipping posters — with pictures**
  • Taking pictures of your posters

** I realize that this is one of the hallmarks of my service — great packing — and that competitors may take my advice. Two thoughts on that — first, it is expensive and a pain to pack the way I do, so I doubt anyone in this business would try to copy my methods. Second, if anyone duplicates my shipping methods then that’s all the good, as it means more posters will survive shipping in general. I don’t care who buys/sells/ships — if posters stay in better condition then that is a positive result.

If you have more ideas on content that might be interesting and/or useful, I’m all ears. Email me at mail _AT_